The Legacy


THE LEGACY was inspired by the dramatic true-life struggles and achievements of the great civil rights leader, Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and the music of Coleridge Taylor Perkinson. 


THE LEGACY features a series of dramatic vignettes exploring and reflecting ideas and issues relevant to the life and times of Reverend King and the civil rights struggle of the 60’s. The first statement “Currents from the East” was inspired by the idea of a philosophic bond between Ghandi and King where the “Spirit from the East” passes the mantle of non-violence to the man from the west. This is followed by impressionistic portraits of Rosa Parks, freedom marchers, a youth in jail leading to the climax of an exuberant ballet to Coleridge Parkinson’s “Freedom! Freedom…”.



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Ongoing activities of the company are also made possible by assistance from New York State Council on the Arts, NY City Department of Cultural Affairs, NY City Council member, Rosie Mendez- District 2, NY Foundation For the Arts, NY Community Trust, Fourth Arts Block (FAB), Middle Collegiate Church, Corporation of the Collegiate Church, many friends and patrons.