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Rod Rodgers Dance Company believes in sharing ideas and celebrating positive images through movement. We explore relationships between dance, music, poetry, theatre and athletics through upbeat dialogues that accompany our performances. Programs like the ones we have shared with youngsters over the years reflect a continued interest of RRDC in making Dance Theater understandable and accessible to today’s young audiences. 


We provide our students with an enjoyable experience via our dance classes, workshops and performances, then encourage their excitement about the many possibilities of Dance Theater as an art form. In addition to learning dance techniques, students will improve thinking skills that can be transferred to their core academic studies.


"Dancing makes me feel complete. I use it as a safe coping tool after my dad passed."


"It was such a great experience for me. I've met so many lifelong friends and people that I can call family."



"I dance here because I meet new people all the time.  The people here are very loving and caring.  And it's just good vibes all around and I love it."

"When you face adversity it's really good to have an outlet to express yourself and being a part of this company has given me that."



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