Rod Rodgers Dance Company believes in sharing ideas and celebrating positive images through movement. We explore relationships between dance, music, poetry, theatre and athletics through upbeat dialogues that accompany our performances. Programs like the ones we have shared with youngsters over the years reflect a continued interest of RRDC in making Dance Theater understandable and accessible to today’s young audiences. 


We provide our students with an enjoyable experience via our dance classes, workshops and performances, then encourage their excitement about the many possibilities of Dance Theater as an art form. In addition to learning dance techniques, students will improve thinking skills that can be transferred to their core academic studies.

S U M M E R  2 0 1 9

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Join us this summer at RRDC for our 6-week dance intensive! At RRDC we believe that dancers should be well versed in the art form, therefore we offer various styles of dance such as Modern, Ballet, Jazz, West African, and Dance Theater. We also have a series of guest artists lined up who are professionals in the industry and provide insight to our students. Along with offering a wide array of dances styles, to enhance our students artistry on multiple levels, we also offer classes in composition and in yogaDancers from the ages 5-17 are encouraged to sign up! To see a full list of classes offered during the summer click here!
During the RRDC Summer Intensive, students have a full day of dance from 10am-4pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with Tuesday's & Thursday's being half days.
Half days:
Level 1 attends classes from 10am-1pm
Level 2 attends classes from 1pm-4pm.
Programming begins Monday July 1st with orientation being held from 9:30am-10am (parents are strongly encouraged to attend). The last day of programming ends Friday August 9th, the day of the performance.
For further information on how to register call 212-674-9066 or email rodrodgers.dance@verizon.net