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RRDC is committed to:


  • creating contemporary dance images via interdisciplinary collaborations, presenting RRDC Signature works and new dance theater repertoire


  • touring to major concert circuits, Festivals, Universities, Colleges & Schools both in the US and abroad


  • community Outreach & Audience Development including Arts in Education Activities, with emphasis on cultural access, specially to communities where people experience discrimination and encounter barriers; and investment in "modern dance audiences of tomorrow."


Rod Rodgers Dance Company came into existence during the1960's when many artists were called upon to create work that reflected newly positive community consciousness. Founder, Rod Rodgers' belief was that dance images reflected truths about human experience and have the unique ability to touch people on a primal level of "feeling identity". RRDC uses dance as a vehicle for human development, including helping people realize their positive potential and inner beauty. We strive to educate and stimulate dialogue about culture, society and the historic contributions of landmark figures.

Rod Rodgers Dance Company, known as RRDC is a modern based company located in the heart of the East Village on Fourth Arts Block.  We are dedicated to creating work about the human experience that is constantly evolving, and work that reflects upon the society that we live in today. 

Our aim is to not only use dance as our medium to speak out and of our experiences, but to allow relationships to form throughout and beyond our community of the East Village.


The company's repertoire (which features work created by Rod Rodgers himself, and current Artistic Director, Kim Grier-Martinez) ranges from thought provoking experimental work as well as celebratory jazz ballets, while each using dance theater as a tool for dramatic social commentary. Our repertoire is trademarked by the company's signature contemporary series titled "Rhythm Dances" that have been recognized as being unique and unexampled in the modern dance field.

Rod Rodgers Dance Company has toured extensively across the U.S. and abroad featuring works by Rodgers and Kim Grier-Martinez; along with several guest choreographers and interdisciplinary collaborations with noted artists. The RRDC’s international touring have included Bermuda, Japan, Italy, Mexico, St Thomas and Mexico as well as USIS initiatives as cultural emissaries to Portugal, Syria, Senegal, Kenya, Zaire, Zambia and Nigeria.

Videography in part by Tristan Daley


Photo by Allison Armfield

PC: Allison Armfield

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