Our mission is to use dance as a vehicle for human development and connection, including helping people realize their full potential and inner beauty.  We provide information to stimulate dialogues about culture, today’s society and historical Black figures.


Rod Rodgers Dance Company came into existence during the 1960's when many artists were called upon to create works that reflected a new and positive community consciousness. Mr. Rodgers' believed that dance images reflected truths about the human experience and have the unique ability to touch people on a primal level of "feeling identity".


PC: Allison Armfield




"Movement exploration can contribute to positive multi-cultural awareness. Therefore, in these classes, working through basic techniques, choreographed combinations, developed with related vocabulary,

we commit to the use of

creative movement exploration

as a vehicle for human development."

Kim Grier-Martinez,

(Youth Program Founder & Director)

PC: in part by Candace Green


RRDC Studios offer multidisciplinary classes and workshops including Adult Ballet, Traditional Haitian, Afro Cuban, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as Yoga.


Participants of all ages, with or without disabilities are welcomed to take drop-in classes.


We provide studio rentals for classes, workshops and more.

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