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  • Percussion Suite (1967)

  • Tangents (1968)

  • Ictus 

  • Rhythm Ritual (1973)

The dance theatre of Rod Rodgers has always had as one of it's underlying strengths, a highly sophisticated use of rhythmic elements. According to the choreographer, his determination to explore and rediscover the spiritual aethetic character of sensuous rhythmic forms- central to Black Dance music expression- led him in the direction of contemporarized percussion in theatrical movement. 


The dancer is presented as having a combination of dramtic, athletic and musical disciplines. Rodger's background as a percussionist enables him to orchestrate patterns to achieve a great variety of organic textures in sound and movement. Cadences and counterpoint are employed simply and forcefully with compelling effect in a series of rhythm structures (as within the context of his more literal dramatic statements.) 


In the Rhythmdances dancers utilize hand held instruments and at times vocalize, contributing to complex integral musical environments.

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