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Photo by Herbert Delancey

Langston Lives!


LANGSTON LIVES! is a suite of dance theatre vignettes created by choreographer Rod Rodgers, which reflect some of the extraordinary intellect, passion and rhythms of memorable images from the poet Langston Hughes’ lucid works. It was the first production in our acclaimed inter-disciplinary series of dance tributes to Black Heroes, POETS & PEACEMAKERS. 


Full production of LANGSTON LIVES! have been presented at the L.A. International Olympics Cultural Festival, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and in two major festivals at Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. The work was also offered as the centerpiece of a fundraising event for the benefit of UNICEF African Drought Relief Fund and in educational programs across the country.  The presentations may be in concert or lecture-performance formats that may be followed by dynamic audience/artists dialogues. 

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