SUMMER  2020



Ballet is a form of theatrical dance that uses formal, set movements and poses characterized by elegance and grace. This class is structured with basic, but essential elements of ballet techniques. Emphasizing students learning to stand in correct form, while developing body control and expressing movements through Music and Dance Theater. The class begins with basic barré exercises to help students develop strength and endurance. Ballet terminology will be given during the class as well. Discipline plays an important role because students are required to learn and retain information as the class gradually becomes more advanced. Center work is given, based on similar barré techniques to test the ability to control the body. Students are required to demonstrate the elements in ballet and to transfer all the given information into choreography.


This class utilizes technique developed by Lester Horton. This technique uses linear movements to strengthen and stretch all parts of the body. This class will also incorporate the styles and forms that are unique to the Rod Rodgers Dance Company. The dancers will experience a series of exercises and combinations that will allow them to become familiar with anatomy and alignment. Also acquiring the idea of individual dancer's preparation for performance while enhancing self-esteem via his/her performance or artistic creation. Through expressive theatrical movement, this class will help dancers articulate and link vocabulary words with actual movements, and/or choreographed combinations and related concepts (i.e., spatial, time, dynamics, culture and become more aware of social issues) while expressing their own ideas and feelings. Dancers will also acquire positive attitudes needed for creative self-expression. 


This class will teach technique in the area of Classical, Theater and Street style Jazz. The dancers will also focus on character and performance training and how it relates to self-expression and self-esteem. Students can expect a lot of teamwork, sweating, FUN and an exciting performance presentation.


This class will allow students to gain knowledge of West African Culture through dance, song and rhythm. Class will start off with a warm-up followed by a quick dance routine. The dance routine will be continued across the floor with various steps and rhythms. The students will then return to center floor to learn a dance to be presented at the summer program performance. From there the class will have an open circle where students will have a chance to show what they know or have learned by themselves. The dance circle is a very important part of African Dance because it shows how well a student interacts with the drum. Students are encouraged to join the dance circle and it is mandatory that each student take part at least three times before the program ends. Students will need a notebook to write down lyrics to songs taught in class. Also they need to write names of dances and rhythms as well as their meanings.


This class will explore the connection between dance and theater through "themes" and "music" such as Broadway tunes and other music eras to add another layer to students performance technique learning experience.