Joey Davis



Joey Davis is an artistic pubic figure from NYC. Joey has been dancing since the age of 5, Joey's commitment to dance landed him a scholarship at Alvin Ailey in 2012. Joey's dance style embodies technique, personality, and poise. Joey has taught dance all around the country from hip hop to modern and vogue. In 2019 Joey was

recognized for his undisputed record for his category in the ballroom scene, announcing him as a Legend for his incredible performance. In addition, to dance Joey is also CASAC-T, Certified Emotional Fitness Coach and as of 2019 a Licenses Certified

Wellness Practitioner(LCWP) and more. Joey has trained over 100 artists around the country on building an affirming artistic program for LGBTQ youth and youth of color. Joey has collaborated with NYC council members in creating the first-ever LGBT citywide prom. Joey continues to work tirelessly in raising visibility, teaching

acceptance, and train providers around building affirming arts programs in NYC. Joey's professional focus Is helping to create a more safe and affirming spaces for young people to heal through the arts, while also providing motivation and supportive systems to help them live happy and healthy lives.