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Jimmy Anton has been teaching Salsa/Mambo since 1991.

His credits are many and varied...he:

  • has been a dancer with the Tito Puente & Eddie Torres dance troupes

  • formed his own troupe of 36 dancers which has twice been featured in Madison Square Garden

  • has choreographed for videos of acclaimed latin artists Celia Cruz (Oye Como Va) and Jose Alberto (Gitana).

  • was first to bring Salsa On2 to Los Angeles, Honk Kong, Argentina, and Peru; first to innovate Dancing On2 in a Straight Line (En Linia); and first to innovate Dancing On2 with turns a la West Cost Swing

  • has taught, performed and DJd in over 13 countries both individually and as part of Salsa Congresses

  • has amassed numerous awards for his teaching, event production and as an Ambassador for Salsa (on 2)


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