Rod Rogers Dance Company, Mami, dancers

Mission Statement

ROD RODGERS DANCE COMPANY aka (RRDC) came into existence during the 1960's when many artists were called upon to create works that reflected newly positive community consciousness. It began with founder R. Rodgers' belief that dance images reflecting truths about human experience have the unique ability to touch people on a primal level of "feeling identity". The company's repertoire, featuring works created by the Founding Director and Guest Artists, encompasses experimental works, celebrative jazz ballets, dance theater as dramatic social commentary, and an acclaimed signature series of contemporary Rhythmdances that have been recognized as being unique in the modern dance field. Often featuring dance works inspired by Black experience, but always with a multi-racial ensemble, RRDC continues as a vehicle for experimentation, education & celebration.

RRDC considers use of dance as a vehicle for human development, including helping people realize their positive potential and inner beauty, to provide information and stimulate dialogues about our culture, this society and about historic contributions of landmark figures, are considered central to the RRDC mission. RRDC is committed to:

  1. Creating contemporary dance images by RRDC & Guest Artists, via interdisciplinary collaborations, Presenting RRDC Signature work and new dance theater repertoire;
  2. Touring to major concert circuits, Festivals, Universities, Colleges & Schools both in the US and abroad;
  3. Community Outreach & Audience Development including Arts in Education Activities, with emphasis on culturally underserved areas; and investment in "modern dance audiences of tomorrow";

RRDC is also committed to developing a fully equipped multi-arts facility that can be shared by a number of companies and independent artists of different disciplines, with our upgraded studios that is the company's home base.

Rod Rogers Dance Company, Mami, dancers

ROD RODGERS DANCE COMPANY has toured extensively across the U.S. and abroad featuring works by Rodgers and several guest choreographers and interdisciplinary collaborations with noted artists. Over the past 35 years the company, which has earned numerous awards for innovative audience development, has become known for performances that are both entertaining and thought provoking. The RRDC’s international touring have included Italy and Mexico as well as USIS initiatives as cultural emissaries to Portugal, Syria, Senegal, Kenya, Zaire, Zambia and Nigeria. The company is dedicated to creating and producing Dance Theater as a vehicle for social comment and to Education & Training through the Arts in the broadest sense, which includes utilizing dance as a vehicle for human development. This performance is part of an ongoing series of outreach activities taking RRDC performing & teaching events into community settings.